Vegan Night at The Golden Ball, Longton

We supply locally and internationally so when a local customer of ours, The Golden Ball Longton, invited us to co-host their first Vegan evening we couldn't resist!
What The Golden Ball team said about setting up the event;
'We came up with the idea of the vegan night after we visited Smithy Mushrooms earlier in the year, we were blown away with the produce and wanted a way to celebrate mushrooms, and introduce a new type of mushroom to people that may not be familiar with it (the king oyster).'
exotic mushrooms for sale UK, king Oyster or Eryngii
Trio of Toast
Sweet Potato, Kale & Vegan Cream Cheese
Asparagus, Radish & Lemon
Shiitake, Red Onion Marmalade & Jalapeno
king oyster scallops
White Bean & Garlic Puree, Shallots, White & Green Asparagus, Parsley Oil & Fresh Lemon
king oyster mushroom skewers
king oyster mushroom skewers
Marinated in soy sauce, Chilli & Spring Onion with Satay Sauce, Rocket & Spring Onion Salad
carrots and cumin puree
Roasted with Cumin Puree
Roast Chantanay
Crisp & Cress

Apple & Raspberry Sorbet with Blueberries, Strawberries & Raspberries
'We are very big on sharing our knowledge and getting people to understand that pretty much all our salad/veg is grown around us and our producers are all local, which is why we started our supplier visits in the first place.
We wanted to aim the night at both vegans and vegans that simply wanted to try the quality produce grown around us.
Mal from Smithy Mushrooms was on hand to answer any questions from guests about the mushrooms, of which there were a few!'
king oyster mushroom pair
Smithy Mushrooms donated a pair of King Oysters for each guest to take home with them and test out their own recipes. If you're looking for recipe inspiration, be sure to check out Wicked Healthy, and their new Cookbook.
After talking to the guests half of them were vegan, 2 vegetarian and the rest came along simply because of their vegan friends or wanted to try something different.
Everyone had really positive feedback and have asked The Golden Ball to put more vegan dishes on the menus (especially mushroom ones!).