The Fermentation Station X Smithy Mushrooms

Wait for it... Pickled Mushrooms?! What! Longer lasting, shroom goodness. We hope there is Mush-room in your cupboard for this one. Smithy Mushrooms have teamed up with The Fermentation Station to bring you some exciting and inspiring experiments, to prolong your Smithy mushroom haul. When we reached out to local fermentation experts The Fermentation Station - they couldn’t wait to try a mushroom pickle. Here’s what they have to say...

"Fermentation is a natural process that has been adapted by humans to produce, preserve, and pickle various food and drinks for thousands of years. It’s a magical process and has created many staple food sources across the globe often utilising similar processes but with very unique results from a variety of base ingredients.

Due to the sustainable benefits of reducing food waste through fermentation and the gut health benefits various ferments offer, the practice has seen a huge modern revival in recent years. At The Fermentation Station we are very passionate about the sustainability that ferments offer and have teamed up with our local mushroom suppliers, Smithy mushrooms to explore this further together. 

There are 3 main type of fermentation each producing different end products.

1. Lactic Acid (Lacto fermentation) – Yeast and bacteria convert starch/sugars into lactic acid for example sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, yogurt, and sourdough bread.

2. Ethyl Alcohol fermentation – Various strains of yeast convert glucose obtained from starches and sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide for example beers and wine.

3. Acetic Acid fermentation – Yeasts and bacteria help starches and sugars from grains and fruits ferment into sour tasting vinegars/condiments for example kombucha, apple cider vinegar and wine vinegar.

We will be covering these main types of fermentation in much greater depth in a series of blogs curated for Smithy Mushrooms to show you how not to let your mushrooms go to waste. Over the series of our next few blogs we will be experimenting with different styles of mushrooms and different ways of fermenting them in a showcase of sustainable shrooms! We will also give you a number of dishes these fermented mushrooms can be used within, to inspire you to use your ‘Pickles on a Plate’.

We love experimenting with lots of different ferments and hopefully you will be inspired to experiment with some fermentation yourself.

We will be starting with lacto fermented Shimeji mushrooms, so keep your eyes peeled for that..."

Check out The Fermentation Station Instagram below for more interesting ferments...