Leaders in the field of exotic mushrooms. Supplying to a variety of national supermarkets, Michelin starred restaurants & wholesale markets.

Smithy Mushrooms is situated in the heart of West Lancashire, covering three acres of land. The business has been established since 1989 and has been developed continuously over the years to now feature 26 growing rooms cultivating a large variety of different, wild and exotic mushrooms.

Why Mushrooms Are The Perfect Meat Replacement

You may wonder why mushrooms make a great meat-free alternative, and what actually is 'umami'? Whether you’re taking part in Veganuary, or just looking to switch things up in the kitchen, going meat-free has many benefits...

Dried Mushrooms Information

Dried mushrooms come in many varieties and include both wild and cultivated fungi, from Oysters and King Oysters, to Shiitakes and Ceps, to Morels and Girolles, and the list goes on. As a general rule, any species that is available fresh can be found in their dried form too.