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We are a trade-focused company, supplying the premium lines for supermarkets such as Tesco, Booths, M&S, Covent Garden Market and many premium hotels and Michelin starred restaurants.

We offer anything from Kilos per month through to tonnes. We offer a packaging service as well as delivering boxed loose and can provide a mix of product with each order.

Next day delivery is available for many quantities, but please speak with us if you have a big order coming up so we can alter our growing patterns accordingly.

Please see below for more information on what we offer, and please do contact us if you have any questions.

The mushrooms that we grow at our farm in Lancashire are:

Grey Oyster
Yellow Oyster
Pink Oyster
Coral Mushroom
Pom Pom mushroom
& More

We offer a huge variety of exotic mushrooms for sale, varieties sourced from all over the world including ones which cannot be cultivated here in the UK, including wild varieties listed below.

These mushrooms include:

Shimejii Brown
Shimejii White 
Golden Enoki
Pied de Mouton
Pied Bleu
Horse Mushrooms
Porcini (Ceps)
Black Trumpet
Fresh Truffles


• British Retail Consortium – Certificate of Compliance 2018.
• RTA - Fresh Produce Standards – Certificate of Conformity 2018
• M&S Field to Fork Certificate 2018
• Tesco Nurture Award
• Tesco unannounced PIU audits