Wicked Healthy

It's no secret that Derek and the guys over at Wicked Healthy absolutely love our mushrooms, whether they're shredding them, chopping and grilling them or frying them in whole clusters, Wicked Healthy has shown us just how versatile these fungi's are.We've put together some of our favourite Wicked recipes so you folks at home can cook up a storm with our 'shrooms.

Hotbox cabbage and pulled mushroom

The first of our favourite recipes is this Wicked hotbox cabbage and pulled mushroom. This recipe uses our King Oyster mushrooms which Derek shreds, seasons and fries to create a crispy and umami-rich plant-based pulled pork alternative. 

Watch the full video here:

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Sticky Teriyaki Mushroom Skewers

Instead of using a pulling method, in this recipe Derek slices our King Oysters to create some sweet and sticky Teriyaki Skewers.

This dish is perfect as a party snack or served with some delicious veggies and rice for a umami-packed meal.

Derek marinades the 'shrooms in salt, pepper garlic, soy sauce and some Sesame Togarashi spice before searing them, glazing the skewers in the Wicked sticky Teriyaki sauce and then roasting them.

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Game Day Vegan Mushroom Steak & Cheese Sandwich

These Vegan mushroom steak & cheese subs are made by pressing and frying a whole cluster of our Grey Oyster Mushrooms. Cooking Oyster Mushrooms this way gives them a real meaty texture that you'll love whether you're veggie, vegan or not!

Watch the full video:

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