Golden Schnitzel

For this you will need: 

Red potato - 2 small potatoes 

Green beans - around 100g 

Flat oyster mushroom - 4 large 

Lemon - 1 slice 

Parsley- 1tbs 

Smoked garlic- 2 cloves 

Olive oil - 2tbs

Vegetable oil - 500ml 

Vegan butter - 1-2 tbs 

Plant based milk -2  tbs (recommend soya milk)

Panko breadcrumbs - 3tbs 

Tempura 1/2 cup 

Good quality salt to season 


Step 1: Take your smoked garlic bulbs and drizzle with olive oil and place in the oven on 180 degrees for around 10 minutes - (until it softens)

Step 2: Prepare your mash - peel your red potato’s and cut them into CM chunks cover with around 500ml of water and place then into a sauce pan with a pinch of salt, cook until completely soft (around 15 mins)

Step 3: Prepare your oil - place your vegetable oil into a wok and start to heat this up on a medium light 

Step 4: Mix your tempura - take 1/2 a cup of tempura flour and slowly add around 1 cup of water (add slowly to make sure you don't over water - you’re looking for a pancake mixture consistency)

Step 5: Pour your breadcrumbs onto a plate 

Step 6: Take your oyster mushrooms and hold them together - option to make slices into the ends to jigsaw them together - dip them into the tempura, then cover in breadcrumbs this should allowed you to bind them together making your ‘schnitzel’ shape 

Step 7: Transfer into your hot oil and fry until golden brown, keep turning so that it gets golden on each side

Step 8: Prepare your mash - drain your potatoes and start to mash them, add your vegan butter + 2tbs of plant based milk and season to taste 

Step 9: Prepare your oil, take 1 tbs of olive oil and mash into this 1 clove of your smoked garlic, 1 tbs of fresh parsley and salt to season 

Step 10: Place your green beans into a griddle pan and drizzle with your homemade oil around 3-5 minutes (they will slightly start to brown)

Step 11: Place your mash onto the plate first, added your schnitzel and then your green beans - drizzle again with your oil and finish off with a slice of lemon