How To Rehydrate Dried Mushrooms 🍄

dried smithy mushrooms rehydration instructions
If you've ordered our dried mushrooms and aren't sure how to prepare them ready for cooking, then please follow our instructions below.
After using dried mushrooms in our dishes for many years, we have formed a quick guide to getting your 'shrooms ready for your meal 🍄
Start by weighing out the number of mushrooms you would like for your recipe.
weighing dried exotic mushroom 30G 50 grams
 Then submerge the mushrooms in warm water, ensuring that the water covers all the mushrooms.
rehydrating dried mushrooms exotic
We've found that for most sliced mushrooms rehydration takes around 20 minutes, with larger or thicker mushrooms taking around 30 minutes to fully hydrate.
We often use the water stock for soups or added into the recipe to increase the mushroom flavor.
We have a large range of dried mushrooms to shop from, click the image below to see the full range!
rehydrating dried mushrooms exotic range